Paint it Black Saturday

Nov 30th, 2019

2014, Black Friday - check.
2015, Blacker Friday - check
2016, None More Blacker Friday - check
2017, Back in Black Friday - check
2018, Man in Black Friday - check
2019, Paint it Black Saturday - Definitely a Check!

Can't figure out which Black Friday event to go to? Have no fear, you can hit us up on Saturday.

Our annual Black Friday Barrel aged beer extravaganza is now a Black Saturday event, and is back and better than ever.

Numbers will be handed out to people beginning at 10:00 AM (no purchase necessary to get a ticket). Beginning at 10:30 AM customers will be called up by their number one by one by a random drawing until we run out of allocations to allow customers to sample the new arrivals. We open at 9:30 AM but you are more than welcome to arrive as early as you like. The drawing will be random, so there is no bonus in arriving early, other than hanging out with like-minded beer geeks in our parking lot. Anyone that arrives after 10:30 will be put into a separate drawing so that we take care of anyone that shows up early first though.

Allocations will be determined as we get closer to the event and determine exactly what all barrel aged beers we will have available.

Parking at the store will be tight. We've talked with the dentist office next door, and we can use their parking along the guardrail and at the rear of the lot, but do not park next to the building. There is also ample parking at the Peddler's Mall, which would be a 2-3 minute walk out of the back of our parking lot. Please be nice to our neighbors and do not take all of their parking.

We'll have a listing of available beers posted in the next few weeks.

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