Pretty Things - Magnifico

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State Massachusetts
Style Mild ALe 97 85
In Stock In Stock Clarksville
Out of Stock New Albany
Available in 22oz bottles
Say hello to Magnifico! He’s our latest draft-only summer beer released very quietly on August 4th, 2011. Hopefully once you see the graphic you’ll recognize Magnifico who played a small role on our very first label: Jack D’Or. Well now the little hop we call Magnifico has his own spin-off beer (and glassware)! Magnifico is a project we’ve been thinking about for quite some time: a highly drinkable, full flavoured low gravity beer. For this we weren’t talking about close-to-5% either, but much smaller. On brew day we set our sights on 8 degrees Plato (i.e. a VERY low amount of sugars to start with) to make a 2.5% beer, but we hit 8.3. The beer fermented down a tad more than we thought it would, which is how we ended up at 3.4%. Magnifico is super drinkable, but it’s full bodied and not watery. Bitterness lends to its drinkability as well, splitting the beer down the middle and requiring of you another sip! The beer finishes with Sterling & Magnum hops.

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